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Enhance Fujita Scale Open Forum

Enhance Fujita (EF) Scale Open Feedback Forum, Feb. 3rd, 2014

Open Dialog Christopher Strager PDF 1.1 M
EF Scale stakeholders history and future directions James LaDue PDF 1.2 M
Panelists Russ Schneider PDF 0.6 M
EF Scale Issues: NWS Forecast Office Perspective Rick Smith PDF 2.5 M
Some EF-scale issues Tim Marshall PDF 2.2 M
Concerns regarding the tree-related DIs and DoDs in the EF scale Chris J. Peterson PDF 1.5 M
Panelists Keith Stellman PDF 0.6 M
Radar and In Situ Wind Measurements Vs Damage Measurements Don Burgess PDF 3.8 M
Possibilities for Improvements to EF Scale Tanya M. Brown PDF 3.9 M
Tree Fall Patterns C. Peterson PDF 6.0 M
Recordings of Whole Forum
N/A WMV 201 M